28 Powerful Price Patterns

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28 Powerful Price Patterns

  • Get On The Right Side Of Your Trade: Find Themes Of Strength and Outmaneuver The Market
  • Understand Supply & Demand: Price Is The Final Arbiter Of Value
  • Know What To Do When You're Right: Never Fall Into The "FOMO" Trap
  • Know What To Do When You're Wrong: Become Adept At Managing Risk/Reward

Your 28 Powerful Price Patterns will be available for instant access after payment. Your complete and definitive guide to price patterns is moments away.

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Thank you for sharing your findings! You show your work in a way that helps me understand technical analysis and risk management. Thank you for what you do!

Adam Cincinnati, OH, USA

In This Definitive Guide With The Complete Set Of Price Patterns You Will Discover...

  • Understand Supply & Demand

    Price is determined solely by the interaction of supply and demand. It’s economic law. Whether you like it or not, price is the final arbiter of value. By studying price and its behavior, we give ourselves an edge in the marketplace.

  • Know When You're Wrong

    Finally be in control of your emotions when trading and investing! No more thinking you’re a failure! Price and patterns don’t lie! Become adept at managing risk/reward! This method is proven (don’t fall for newfangled schemes).

  • Get On The Right Side Of The Trade

    Find themes of strength and outmaneuver the market! Find robust asymmetric risk/reward profiles. This means higher the reward and lower the risk. Show up at your next cocktail party with everyone jealous of your expertise and performance!

Whether You're A "Do-It-Yourselfer" or a "Pro" or "I Gotta Guy," You Need To Learn AND Know The Answers To These Important Questions

  • What Patterns Matter?
  • What Is Their Inverse Pattern And Why Should I Care?
  • How Do I Determine Movement And Capitalize On Other Mistakes?
  • How Do I Set Price Targets Based On Patterns?
  • What Do I Do When A Pattern Fails?

Why? Because When You're Right, You Want To Be REALLY, REALLY Right! And When You're Wrong, You Want To Be Itty-Bitty Wrong!

Check Out What More "Curious Investors" Are Saying ...

You opened my eyes to the world of technical analysis. As a personal investor, I was rooted deep into fundamental analysis. Value of the company meant everything to me. I would pour hours into studying everything that could affect the value of the stock. But after reviewing the charts, this has proven to me the price movements in the market is what I should be concentrating on at all times. Now I have made a number of trades and overall I have netted double digit positive return. This has ingrained into me the important of having an entry, a stop loss, and a target. Risk management is the utmost importance. Thank You!

Mark A. Milwaukee, WI, USA

About The Author

  • Over 15 Years In Financial Industry
  • Former Money Manager At Publicly Traded Banking Institution
  • Creator Of The Adaptiv Investment Decision Framework™
  • Founder 360 Investment Research™

Your 28 Powerful Price Patterns will be available for instant access after payment. Your complete and definitive guide to price patterns is moments away.

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