"5 Tactics to Know Before Every Trade" Your Game Plan to Maximize Your Portfolio

Avoid the Common Mistakes That Punish Your Portfolio

At last, the secret checklist to game plan before your next trade. The sooner you know these tactics, the better. Without them, you’ll continue the shocking mistakes killing your trade account values. Take the headache and stress out of investing.


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In this guide you’ll understand methods for determining position size, identifying entry and exit points, and calculating stop loss. Think of it as your risk management guide. You’ll clearly identify the risk/reward ratios and know when you’re on the wrong side (and the right side exit point) of the trade. Let’s get past your EGO and your emotion. It’s time to start capitalizing on your psychology and your logic.

You’ll learn answers to these important questions.

  • What is position sizing and why do I care?
  • I’ve never done stop loss calculation, why start now?
  • Seriously, targeting, why should I bother?
  • When trades go up, how do I know when to take my profits?
  • I have a fear of missing out, how do I control it?

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