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"7 Essential Price Patterns"

These Are The Patterns You Must Know To Start Getting On The Right Side Of Your Trades

Little known ways to spot common price patterns hiding in plain sight. You don’t have to be a professional portfolio manager to be a successful investor.  Discover these essential secrets and you too can turn knowledge into price power. It’s time to get on the right side of your trades.


"Thank you for sharing your findings! You show your work in a way that helps me understand technical analysis and risk management. Thank you for what you do!"

~ Adam, Cincinnati, OH, USA

In this guide you’ll understand useful continuation and reversal patterns. You’ll also learn triangles aren’t just for high school geometry, head and shoulders isn’t just a shampoo, and cup and handles aren’t just for English tea. Sure, you could put these terms into your search engine and probably get a pretty good explanation in one page.

But this isn’t about explanation. It’s about being able to locate identifiers and triggers on when a pattern is succeeding or failing. It’s about understanding how these patterns can help you mitigate the downside of every trade. It’s about determining and identifying when supply or demand is likely in any market. This is when asymmetrical opportunities present themselves. (Pssst, when you see “asymmetrical opportunities,” that means juicy trades).

You’ll learn answers to these important questions.

  • What patterns matter?
  • What is their inverse partner and why should I care?
  • How do I determine movement and capitalize on other mistakes?
  • How do I set price targets based on patterns?
  • What do I do when a pattern fails?

"I appreciate your website and research. You always seem to have timely information available. You have helped me understand the importance of price. Thank you!"

~ S.F., Zurich, Switzerland

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